Sapphires and Seed Pearls

photo by Charlie Frieberg


Sapphire is the mineral corundum, hexagonal aluminum oxide. In it's pure state it is colorless. Sapphire is colored by its impurities. Chromium, when present, can produce a red color in corundum. Such stones are rubies. All the other colors except blue are called fancy sapphire.


This 18K gold necklace consists of 56 bezel set sapphires (a few may qualify as rubies) each surrounded by full drilled seed pearls threaded on a thin 22K gold wire. The links are connected so that the necklace has an action similar to a bicycle chain but not so stiff. The clasp is hidden and has a safety catch .


We also make a bracelet consisting of about 18 similar units with a hidden clasp. It's a little different in design in that the bases of the settings conform to the wrist and the stones are set in the opposite orientation ( landscape vs. portrait).

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