Helga Manning

Helga was in the first class to graduate from  Rochester Institute of Technology's School of American Crafts . She has worked as a jewelry designer, goldsmith, metalsmithing teacher, and graphic designer in New York City, Connecticut, and Maine. She joined us in 1987 because she was hanging around a lot anyway and spending all her spare money on jewelry. As sales manager emeritus, she gets a discount on the jewelry but she doesn't have to hang around so much any more. Helga retired a couple of years ago.

 Emmett Lalor

Emmett is Polly and Jack's older son, serving an informal apprenticeship as a goldsmith. He works most afternoons at the bench where he builds the Polly Hoops and a variety of other products as well as doing your repairs and acting as our primary laser welding technician. He's been at the store since 2016, but he started learning to do metal work and sculpture when he was a kid. Emmett is an accomplished musician and frequently performs locally.


 Polly Ryel

Polly graduated from Rhode Island School of Design   with a BFA in light metals. While she was there enameling and glass blowing were passions of hers. Polly came straight to Maine and has been with us  since 1984 in different capacities, including goldsmithing, design, display, and a stint on the road as our sales representative.She took one break to earn a GG in residence from the  Gemological Institute of America  in Santa Monica and another to intern with Rupenthal in Paris.


Jack Lalor

Jack received  an AB and MA in mathematics from  Clark University  and learned about metal work from hanging around his father's machine shop, reading books, and a few  workshops and courses at Worcester Craft Center, where he also taught metalsmithing and business practices for craftspeople. He is one of the founders of Circle Round the Moon, and has been in charge of  the checkbook since 1974. He answers the e-mail and codes these web pages in addition to his duties at the bench, microscope, and counter.


 Circle Round the Moon

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